Replacing the gearbox at the Wind farm in Meer.

Wind farm Meer
23 Aug 2018

During a recent inspection, damage was detected at the gearbox of the southernmost wind turbine at the Wind farm in Meer.

To prevent further damage, the wind turbine was halted immediately. The turbine ran in reduced mode for several weeks. Given the nature of the damage, the gearbox had to be replaced.

The works started on 22 August with the delivery and construction of the 160 metre high LR1600/2 Liebherr crawler crane. A job that required about 45 truck transports! In the coming days the gearbox, weighing approximately 30 tonnes, will be removed from the turbine at a height of 143 metres and replaced by a new one. After the operation, the crane will be disassembled.

You can see some spectacular shots of the operation below!