Installation of wind turbines in Retie completed.

Wind farm Retie
25 Mar 2021

The three wind turbines of the new Storm wind farm in Retie are all standing up straight and tall by now. On Monday the rotors of the last turbine were hoisted up one by one. Now it’s time to start the pre-commissioning phase: all the software needed to ensure the wind turbines operate optimally is installed, the low-voltage systems are tested and the main safety systems are switched on. The purpose of pre-commissioning, after all, is to get the turbines ready for their connection to the grid and the corresponding voltage level (36 kV).

Which means the wind turbines won’t be turning just yet. Only when pre-commissioning is finished, can the wind turbines be taken for a test spin. Their maiden voyage, so to speak.

The wind farm will be operational before the summer!