Wind turbines are starting to appear on the horizon in Retie.

Wind farm Retie
19 Feb 2021

We are now making progress every day at the Retie site. At the beginning of February, preparatory work at the site was finished and wind turbine supplier, Vestas, was able to start building the turbines. A lot of progress has already been made despite the wet, snowy conditions in recent weeks.

Virtually all parts of the wind turbines have now been delivered to the site. At the end of this week, one of the three wind turbines had largely been built. In the coming weeks, the wind turbines will be completed one by one. Once work to erect the wind turbines has finished, there is still a lot to be done before they can start turning. We expect to be able to start the test run for wind farm Retie later this spring. If all goes well, the wind farm will be operational before the summer!