Storm CV co-operators given another 5% dividend.

14 May 2022

This past Saturday, the 14th of May, Storm CV’s eighth annual General Shareholders’ Meeting took place. After meeting up digitally for two years running, the General Shareholders’ Meeting finally manifested itself in a physical form again.

We welcomed more than a hundred shareholders at Antwerp Expo. The co-operators were shown a presentation on Storm’s activities of the past year and were invited to vote on the approval of the annual accounts and the payment of a dividend for fiscal year 2021. After the meeting there was time for a drink and a chat at the reception.

3.829 local residents of the wind farms in Wachtebeke, Wielsbeke, Maasmechelen, Westerlo, Geel, Meer, Dilsen-Stokkem, Desselgem, Lokeren, Zandvliet, Minderhout, Retie, Pelt, Melsele, Zoersel and the Port of Ghent have meanwhile signed up for the Storm cooperative. Together they brought in funds worth € 9,493,250. Storm CV invests these funds directly into Storm’s wind farms.

An investment which has now yielded another 5% dividend for the co-operators. Since our cooperation’s establishment in 2014, Storm CV has paid a stable dividend of 5% yearly. That makes us the energy cooperation with the highest dividend yield in Belgium.

Check out the photo report below.