Meer Zuid Wind Farm construction phase finalized

Wind farm Meer Zuid
19 Apr 2021

Meer Zuid Wind Farm has now been fully erected. The wind farm features one additional wind turbine, south of our current operational wind farm in Meer. Boasting a tip height of 180 metres, the turbine is located on the Meirberg Business Park, south of the Malve company. With the construction phase completely finished, it is time for the pre-commissioning of the wind turbines: uploading the software, testing all the low-voltage systems, ...

The wind turbine is then put through a final test run. When that is done, the turbine will be operational just before the summer, ready to produce green power for some 3,200 families.

You can see on the pictures how the turbine in Meer is taking shape. They also shine a spotlight on the three wind turbines of the operational wind farm in Meer.